Our hospital is now open! 

Measure H will keep our local hospital and emergency room open, without additional cost to taxpayers.

Measure H will keep the Tulare Regional Medical Center open, at no additional cost to taxpayers, under an agreement with Adventist Health, a nonprofit health care corporation. This partnership will protect access to emergency medical services, acute hospital services and other healthcare services at our local hospital that are essential to maintaining and improving the health of this community.

Vote YES on Measure H to:

Keep Our Emergency Room Open: In an emergency, every second counts. Having an emergency room in the community is critical to saving lives that would otherwise be lost without quick access to acute emergency services.

Increase Access to Care: By joining Adventist Health, residents will have access to critical services, local doctors and more healthcare resources, leading to quality, compassionate care for all.

Protect Taxpayers: Through this partnership, Adventist Health will provide the financial resources to keep open our only local hospital at no additional cost to taxpayers.

Without this measure, our local hospital will close and the health of tens of thousands of local residents in the cities of Tulare, Waukena, Pixley, Woodville and Tipton will be in peril.

Join doctors, nurses, paramedics, families, farmers and business leaders in voting Yes on Measure H to keep our local hospital open.


Committee to Re-Open Our Local Hospital. Yes on H. Sponsored by Hanford Community Hospital dba Adventist Health Hanford.
FPPC # 1411013